Types of heating

Champion Heating Ltd specialize in Warm Water Heating Systems including Underfloor Heating, Radiator Central Heating and Solar Hot Water Heating Systems. Warm Water Central Heating systems are designed to heat your whole house efficiently with maximum temperature control in all areas. To provide a lovely comfortable radiant heat throughout all areas of the home.

New Zealand had moved on a great deal in the last 20 years but many kiwis still think all they need is an open fire in their living area and they are happy going to bed in a cold damp bedroom with an extra pair of socks on and a woolly hat for an 8 hours sleep!

It is possible now to have a complete heating solution for your home that is a reasonable cost to install and is efficient to run.

Floor Heating using low temperature water to create a radiant concrete base to your home or Radiator Heating for homes with a timber floor base or existing homes are perfect choices.


What is the difference between WARM WATER HEATING SYSTEMS and WARM AIR SYSTEMS?

Warm Water Systems VS Warm Air Systems
red-flame What is a warm water system?
A Warm Water system uses heated water to heat a radiant surface such as a floor or radiator and in turn heats the room.
red-flame What is a warm air system?
The warm air convection process involves blowing air and heating the air in a room.
Underfloor Heating and Radiator Systems Ducted or Forced Air Systems and Air Conditioning
red-flame Warm water systems such as floor heating can be invisible. Only one heatsource is needed to heat the entire home and this can be fitted externally out of sight. red-flame Warm air systems normally involve bulky wall units or unsightly ducted grills on ceilings or walls. The outside of your property wont look much better either – multiple units to heat the home ruin the look of your property.
sleeping hotair
red-flame Comfort – Warm water systems provide the most comfortable heating there is. red-flame Ever woken up in a hotel room with a dry mouth from the air con? Need we say more?
sleeping hotair
red-flame Warm water systems are the perfect choice for families concerned about asthma and allergies. red-flame Movement of air particles, drafts from an air conditioner or forced air system stir up unwanted dirt and dust.
Warm Water Systems VS Warm Air Systems
sleeping hotair
red-flame Warm water heating is silent. red-flame Noise – Even systems deemed to be “very very quiet” can still be heard blowing air around.

Comparison Chart

Radiant Heat Silent Invisible Dust Free Energy Efficient
Underfloor Water Heating tick tick tick tick tick
Radiator Central Heating tick tick cross tick tick
Air Conditioning Systems cross cross cross cross tick

Champion Heating offer a range of warm water UNDERFLOOR heating AND CENTRAL HEATING choices for your home.

Some of the options available are:

  • icon-floor
    Floor Heating

    Before the concrete slab is poured for a new home a series of water pipe circuits are installed in the areas that require underfloor heating...

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  • icon-floor
    Floor and Pool Heating

    Over half of the systems we install are COMBINATION SYSTEMS. It makes great sense to heat your Floor and Swimming Pool with a Dual Purpose Heatpump...

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  • icon-floor
    Floor and DHW Heating

    Its also possible to heat both your floor and your domestic hot water using either a Heatpump or Gas Boiler. For most New Zealand households...

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  • icon-floor
    Radiator Heating

    Warm water radiator based heating systems use a heatsource such as a Gas Boiler to heat water that circulates through the home via a piping system that is...

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  • icon-floor
    Solar Hot Water

    Solar Water heating uses the sun’s rays to heat water, which is then transferred either directly or indirectly (depending on the system) to the water stored in the...

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    Customized Systems

    Champion Heating have a great deal of experience in Commercial Warm Water Heating systems. We also work alongside and liaise with a Mechanical Engineer...

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Champion Heating Ltd have been installing Warm Water Underfloor Heating and Central Heating systems for over 20 years. We cover all of the Auckland and Northland areas.

There are many benefits to use and specify Champion Heating Ltd services and products:

  • Champion Heating Systems are Council approved ensuring the building consent applications run smoothly.
  • Champion Heating take on full responsibility for contacting and liaising with all site contractors.
  • We provide colour coded heating drawings and schematical diagrams on request.
  • Champion Heating will take on full responsibility for the complete installation and commissioning of each heating system they install.
  • Champion Heating will take responsibility for ensuring all areas of installation comply with Building Codes and regulations.
  • Champion Heating always provide homeowners with a “Customer Education” visit ensuring they know how to use their new heating system.
  • Champion Heating Ltd will service and maintain systems all of their systems installed. Details of all clients heating system and components are kept on a tailor-made Service Database system.